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Ken Hurley

Executive HR and Labor Relations Consultant

About Me

Ken Hurley is an Administrative and industrial relations specialist with many years of experience. Hurley has become a well-known union leader and has enhanced cooperation between these organizations, huge corporations, and employers. His lengthy biography exemplifies how society can progress when people work together to improve labor relations and working conditions.

Hurley's Early Years

After graduating from Ladue High School, Hurley acquired an early interest in political science, negotiations, and other activities. Despite being a popular and well-respected student at this university, he realized his actual purpose at college. He graduated from Saint Louis University with a Bachelor of Arts in political science with a 3.9-grade point average.

He then attended Washington University in St. Louis, where he earned his Juris Doctor. While at this university, Hurley placed second in negotiation competitions and was a member of the Moot Court Team. These organizations prepared him for a career where he would find common ground among groups unable to do so when acting independently and without his support.

During his time here, he learned many of the most important things that helped him advance his career. These included patience, empathy, and the ability to communicate with people with opposing opinions, views, and demands. His mission is to always do the right thing for his clients by recognizing their common humanity and supporting them in understanding how they may help one another achieve their goals.

Early Achievements in His Field

Hurley's first job after graduation was as an associate attorney with Simpson, Aherne & Garrity. This law firm focuses on labor and employment concerns in the construction industry. He assisted with research, writing, litigation, training, and union negotiations throughout various hearings and trials over his five years with the company. He also did research and wrote legal documents, among other things.

He wrote employee handbooks, procedures, HR paperwork, and newsletters, among other things. Furthermore, Hurley obtained real-world legal experience by participating in various trials and strikes, during which he issued directives that allowed businesses to continue operating successfully despite the strikes. His success in these cases boosted his career in a variety of ways.

After graduation, he worked for Kindred Healthcare for seven years as the labor and employee relations director. He began as a regional labor relations counsel for the western United States and rose through the ranks to become division head. He negotiated collective bargaining agreements for almost 2,000 healthcare employees nationally during his tenure. This formative experience gave him the required training for his most impressive achievements.

How Hurley's Remarkable Successes Were Enhanced

Around this period, several important institutions recognized the name Ken Hurley. Following a heated bidding war, he was appointed as vice president of labor relations at Penske Truck Leasing, one of the nation's largest firms of its sort. Hurley focused on enhancing human resources and labor relations by removing reactive strategies centered on employee- and business-oriented approaches.

For example, he helped enhance ties with trucking unions, oversaw four HR directors and several administrators, and set HR and negotiation guidelines emphasizing mutual respect and dignity. His success lasted four years before he was elevated to senior vice president of human resources, a position he held for six years. Hurley boosted Penske's operations further by stressing great senior leadership, education, and labor relations expertise.

Hurley also emphasized improved recruiting and hiring methods, enhanced the company's technology, and implemented more effective labor and negotiating techniques, all of which helped Penske's operations dramatically. He was in charge of 72 employees at the corporate level and forty more throughout a complex reporting structure. He elevated the organization from second-lowest to second-highest, resulting in an almost unprecedented advancement in his field.

Recent Accomplishments and Charitable Contributions

Hurley worked for the American Red Cross after leaving Penske for two years. One of his most notable accomplishments was his leadership in negotiating the first-ever national contract with a union alliance representing ARC employees. ARC generously honored him during his visit, particularly for his training and development of labor relations leaders. Hurley's former companies recognized and applauded his education since he left behind better and more intellectual leaders wherever he went.

Hurley has remained silent over the years due to his humanitarian contributions. Like many other genuinely charitable people, he believes that charity should not be widely marketed to diminish its impact. As a result, he does not specify how many organizations he has sponsored. Working with the American Red Cross was just one manifestation of his drive to help others.

Ken Hurley has had comparable degrees of success with other organizations since leaving the American Red Cross. His name is synonymous with HR expertise, and many firms look to him for guidance. For example, he has assisted in training several organizations' human resources departments, allowing them to better satisfy their employees' demands and deal with various bargaining circumstances.

And Hurley has no intention of retiring anytime soon! He has recently indicated an interest in becoming a volunteer firefighter in his area and has considered joining several teams. This unexpected curiosity is only another manifestation of his kind nature. It also underscores what makes him a superb negotiator: his understanding of the working class. His desire to help people reflects the typically humane and community-oriented working-class group Hurley has aided in labor battles over the years.